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SUNSHINE GARDENS GREENHOUSE SUPERSTORE provides a broad range of growing systems in a broad range of capacities. Leading brands such as BOTANICARE, GENERAL HYDROPONICS, B-POD, PIPE DREAM AND ROTOGROW to name a few.

From small micro gardens to expandable systems we have what you need. Select from hydroponic, aeroponics, ebb and flow and drip systems. Many of these manufacturers also provide premium cloning systems in a number of sizes and formats.

If you are looking for a "stand alone system" be sure to come by and talk to our knowledgeable staff. We have what your looking for at SUNSHINE GARDENS.



Top of the line product designed for professionals. Numerous superior quality models with dimensions and sizes unique on the market. Secret Jardins Intense grow tents are true portable grow rooms. These incredible lightweight, yet durable units eliminate the hassle of finding a growing space.


Available in many sizes - come by and check out all the different models available.




The ROTOGRO garden is a flood and drain system. Plants are inserted into Rockwool type cubes, which are secured in the "quick drain trays". The garden is motorized and the trays revolved 24/Hrs a day around two center fixed HID Lamps.

It takes approximately one hour for the trays to complete one revolution. A pump is placed in the bottom main reservoir and when switched on, fills the top reservoir to desired depth. The "quick drain trays" are then revolved through the nutrient/water mixture feeding the plants. Once all the plants have been fed, the pump is switched off letting the nutrient/water mixture drain back into the main reservoir.



GH produces a number of systems for the indoor garden enthusiast. For growers who want top results without much effort should look at the WaterFarm, MegaFarm, PowerGrower or EcoGrower. Each of these systems can be operated as single stand-alone modules, or interconnected in groups of two to sixteen modules with the optional controller systems.

If you are looking for high growth rates, look no further than the AeroFlo2 or the RainForest. Running an AeroFlo2 or a RainForest is like driving a very fast car, the grower must look ahead and anticipate what's to come.

Serious growers who want a larger system should look at the EuroGrower. The EuroGrower comes with 8 individual 2 gallon pots that fit together on top of the 40-gallon Panda reservoir. The Eurogrower comes complete with our famous Flora Nutrients and all the hardware you need.


The B-Pod from H2O Dynamics is the ideal growing system for beginers as well as the skilled user; it uses the reliable and simple Ebb and Flood system, which is a series of trays that hold your plants above a container of nutrient solutions.

The B-Pod is made of precision machined aluminum and painted with a highly protective powder coated finish. The plant trays are made of a durable UV protected plastic and are designed to hold standard 4” growing media blocks. The unit is gear driven on smooth and effortless ball bearings and has a built in locking mechanism for easy loading and unloading of the trays. The light source is vertically and horizontally adjustable and is protected with a high reflective tempered glass tube.

Up and running in no time, the B-Pod can be assembled within an hour.


The TURBOGARDEN™ and MICROGARDEN™ each come with a large reservoir (TURBOGARDEN™ 25 gallon or MICROGARDEN™ 10 gallon) that you fill with Botanicare® Nutrients or your favorite liquid nutrient solution. The nutrient solution is periodically delivered to the top grow tray, via the grow method of your choice, to water and nourish the plants. After the grow media and roots have been hydrated, any unused solution drains back into the reservoir until the next scheduled feeding time. Available in Aero, Top Feed Drip, and Ebb and Flow models.


Botanicare's Jetstream systems use the top feed drip method which provides greater flexibility with larger configurations and lower water consumption than flood systems.

Botanicare also has aeorponic systems such as AEROJET. This premium aeroponic system is expandable.

Botanicare also carries a great line of propagation systems.