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Plant grow lights come in many shapes and sizes. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting produces the excellent usable light  for indoor gardening.  High intensity bulbs come in a variety of color spectrum's. Generally blue spectrum light is used for vegetative growth and a red spectrum for r flowering plants. Plant grow bulbs that produce a blue spectrum are Metal Halide with a 6K temperature.  High pressure sodium bulbs produce a red spectrum light with a temperature of 3K used for flowering plants.

Fluorescent lighting runs cooler than HID which allows the bulb to be very close to the plants.  However, Fluorescent plant grow lights do not have enough intensity to light beyond 12 to 18 inches. Fluorescent grow lights are available with a vegetative or flowering spectrum.

We provide all the premium BULB brands such as Phillips, Sylvania and Hortilux, Ushio and more including a full range of premium flourescent lighting.


Indoor grow bulbs, lamps, hortilux, ushio, philips, sunmaster


Sunshine Gardens Greenhouse Superstore has a full compliment of brand name grow bulbs and accessories. SUNMASTER, PLANTMAX, HORTILUX, USHIO, SOLARMAN as welll as the main stays like GE, Philips and Sylvania are all here in-store now. Sunshine Gardens also provides the professional gardener considerations beyond standard HPS or MH bulbs by providing "hybrid" bulbs like reflector bulbs, multi-metal bulbs, conversion bulbs and high output options.

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Flourescent grow lamps, bulbs and fixtures


When it comes to flourescent grow lighting we have what you need.
HYTRON FULL SPECTRUM, SYLVANIA GRO-LUX, FLORALIGHT, AGROSUN, SUNBLASTER, SPECTRALIGHT, AND QUANTUM BAD BOY light fixtures as welll as all the expected fixture standards in lengths and bulb capacities your looking for.


Grow lights use two different types of lamps: metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS), distinguished by the type of gas used inside the lamp. MH ballasts will work only with MH lamps while HPS ballasts will work only with HPS lamps. Sunshine Gardens has various types and brand names to choose from.including dimmable electronic and the latest digital.

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Lamp ballasts, lumatek, quantum, sylvania for hydroponic indoor garden.


Sunshine Gardens carries a broad range of "set up" accessories like moguels, pigtails, ballast silicone as well as a good selection e of pre-boxed ballast kits.

Indoor Grow ballast flip flop lighting control


Sunshine Gardens has everything you need for ballast and lighting control including "flip flop" systems from leading industry brands such as HORTI- CONTROL, C.A.P. CONTROLLERS, POWERBOX as well as locally manufactured products from CVR. Stop by and check out our in stock selection. If we don't have it...we can get any size / capacity controller usually within a few days.

Lamp shades reflectors for indoor growing


SUNSHINE GARDENS has a broad range of light shades/ relectors for every application. Select from vented, non vented, circular,gullwing and batwing styles as well as twin shades as well as air cooled systems. We also carry horizontal and vertical bulb fixtures, brackets, hangers and accessories.

We provide replacement parts such as replacement glass for air cooled systems and adjustable hanging kits. Premium brands such as SUNRISER, GRO-STAR, SUPERNOVA , SUNRAY and more!

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Sunshine Gardens can get you set up with the RIGHT light tracking system for your application. Premium products from names such as PRO-TRAC™ and LIGHT RAIL™ we have the track lighting solution your looking for.

We also carry accessories like mounting and stop clips, track extension kits as well as smart drive motors, replacement gearboxes and a host of AD-ON options.

Be sure to come by and talk to our knowlegeable staff about the track system that's right for you.


Light movers

Lighting control timers


Sunshine Gardens has a full line up of lighting control systems and timers. Select from mechanical or digital units in various sizes and capacities from intermatic.

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Indoor growing task lightingTASK LIGHTING

When you need to get the job done during the "night cycle" we can help with the green task lighting you require. Head lamps, flash lights, cap lights and bulbs ...we have you covered.

Light meters and test equipment LIGHT METER

The professional gardener ( and those of us striving to be) cannot overlook the importance of having good controls throughout the growth cycles. Light is no exception. Sunshine Gardens has the measurement equipment that will give you the control you want.