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Through the life of the plant, growers often monitor certain factors affecting plant growth in order to produce high quality crops. One factor indirectly affecting plant growth is pH of the growing medium. A pH of 7 is considered neutral, a lower pH is acidic and a pH above 7 is alkaline; but producers of container grown plants need to understand just what these numbers represent and how the pH of the growing medium can indirectly influence plant growth.

SUNSHINE GARDENS Kamloops BC has all the equipment and monitoring devices you need PLUS the technical "know How" to support any or all of your pH - EC or TDS requirements.


PH and TDS

Plants, whether they are growing in a hydroponic system or a soil system, require nutrients. Choosing the right nutrient formula is only 1 part of the total equation. Maintaining the proper nutrient strength can have a significant impact on a plants growth and overall performance, therefore any serious grower should have a TDS or EC meter available. Even after adjusting the strength of the nutrient solution to meet the plant’s needs, the nutrients still may not be available to the plant if the pH is not is not within the proper range. Thus, a pH meter is a vital piece of equipment that should be a part of every growers arsenal.

ph tds ec meters, probes, pens, equipment

Sunshine Gardens has a full compliment of PH, TDS/ EC meters , probes and pen style testers for the home enthusiast as well as the commercial grower. Premium quality products from all the major brands...we have what you need!

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pH TDS calibration cleaning solution , Canna, grotek, nutradip, hanna


Maintaining your pH - TDS/EC equipment is vital for assuring top notch performnce. Sunshine Gardens carries a number of leading brand calibration and probe cleaning solutions to keep it clean and accurate.


Sunshine Gardens has everything you need! From replacement batteries, replacement probes, test reagents to a broad range of test kits and equipment. What ever it is that you need to test ...we have the solution!

pH, nutrient measuring


When it comes down to having exact measurements we have the tools and equipment you need. Everything from measuring containers, and spoons to micro-measurement devices for liquid as well as mechanical and digital scales for a broad range of loads.

We also carry storage vials in a number of sizes.

ph levels up, down

PH UP Potassium Silicate is made from the highest and purest quality ingredients. Proven to increase every concept of growing. A well maintained Ph level will increase overall plant production. PH UP Potassium Silicate is a plant growth solution containing silicate in its oxide form of potassium. This product provides additional silicon and potash while improving heat and drought tolerance and increasing cell wall stability for any growing medium.

PH DOWN is made from the highest and purest quality ingredients. The Ph of the nutrient solution has considerable influence on crop growth and needs constant monitoring and control.

Sunshine Gardens also carries PH adjustments products from all the major brand nutrient companies.