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Weight, light and soil testing and measurement supplies
  Here you will find products and reference information specific to weights, measures and monitoring.

Mechanical and Digital scales
Light Meters
Soil Test
pH and TDS / EC
Temperature / climate control
Weights and Measures conversion Tools

digital and mechanical weigh scales


Sunshine Gardens has a complete line up of weigh scales for most any application. Small Pocket scales like TANITA and AWS to various styles and capacity desktop scales from leading brands such as MYWEIGH, JENNINGS, YAMOTO, GIRO LAB SCALES as well as premium mechanical (triple beam) scales from MYWEIGH and KILOTECH.

Be sure to browse our in store inventory or check out our extensive catelogue for the EXACT RIGHT scale for you.

soil testing and measuring supplies


Soil pH, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are all essential elements in the overall health of your lawn, flowers, vegetables, etc. Plants need the correct pH level to control how well they utilize the nutrients available in your soil. Too acidic or too alkaline soil can have detrimental effects on plants. All plants have a preferred soil pH range, Temperature and moisture readings further the growers control over plant growth. Sunshine Gardens has the testing / measuring equipment you need for optimizing soil condition.

light meters measurement devices


The professional gardener ( and those of us striving to be) cannot overlook the importance of having good controls throughout the growth cycles. Light is no exception. Sunshine Gardens has the measurement equipment that will give you the control you want.




As you would expect, Sunshine Garden carries a full line of thermometers from traditional wall mount / hanging models to digital display models with probe.

Whatever you need to check the temperature...we have the solution for every budget.

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