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Sunshine Gardens has a large assortment of propagation products, equipment, systems and accessories.

We carry a broad range of premium brand rooting hormone gels, powders and root enhancement products . Everything you need to get started or maintain your propagation project such as sprays, rockwell starter plugs and slabs, trays, inserts, pots and domes - we have what you need.

We also carry a number of sizes of Jiffy Peat pellets, and water conditioners, stress suppliments and growth enhancement products.

Propagation hormone powders, gel and rooting products

ALL plants need particular hormones to produce roots on cuttings. These hormones are produced naturally by the plants themselves. Cuttings from different plant varieties and species have a different ability to root. They produce different levels of these hormones.

The substances in ‘rooting powders’ that assist in root formation are the hormones. These are also marketed in liquid and in gel forms. These hormones are produced artificially to induce rooting in plant cuttings and they are very effective.

Sunshine Gardens has a full compliment of cloning powders, gels and rooting enhancement products like STIMROOT, GROTECH, OLIVIA'S, LATERS, WILSON and more

Plant propagation Rockwool, coconut fibre and peat pellets. PROPAGATION MEDIUMS
A good propagation medium is made up of components that provide optimum aeration, drainage and moisture holding characteristics. These are usually made up from combinations of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, sand or similar materials. The primary role of a propagation medium is to provide support and moisture while the plant is developing. These requirements are quite different from those of a potting medium, which may have to sustain a mature or growing plant over a long period of time.

Sunshine Gardens carries everything you need with respect to starter mediums for any application. For those wishing to propagate in Perlite, Vermiculite or Sphagnum
- we have what you need.

Propagation trays, domes, seedling mats

Sunshine Gardens an A-Z inventory of equipment for maximizing your propagation success. Leading brands like MONDI and HYDROFARM will provide the quality control you need to get the job done right the first time.

Propagation cloning systems

Sunshine Gardens can provide you with a broad range of propagation system options. We carry a number of systems in store or custom order the exact system you need from leading manufacturers like BOTANICARE and EZCLONE.

Select from TOP FEED - AEROPONICS - EBB & FLOW - AERO CLONER type systems for any size and budget.

Come see us today for more information on these or any propagation / growing systems on the market and take advantage of our lowest price guarantee!