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The Right Medium for the JOB!

Hydroponic growing medium can take different forms. Rockwool, Hydroton (expanded clay or shale pellets) and sphagnum moss can be used in year round soil less gardening. Grodan makes the worlds best rockwool growing medium, it comes many sizes from cubes, to blocks to slabs and even loose.

Sunshine Gardens also carries professional soiless mixes such as Sunshine Mix, Pro Mix, Coco Block, Perlite and Vermiculite.

We also carry a wide selection of trays, domes and containment options and accessories for any size operation.

SUNSHINE GARDENS carries leading peat-based growing mediums .

When using these mediums It is essential to begin fertilization within 7 days after planting and maintain fertilizer applications throughout the course of crop production. To insure plants receive proper nutrition, it is advisable to periodically analyze fertilizer solution, nutrient content of growing media and plant tissue throughout the production cycle.

Peat-based mediums provide lightweight, easy to handle pack sizing and are highly desirable for growing. The porous texture allows for quick rooting and optimum water/air ratio. The incorporation of wetting agent facilitates water absorption and distribution.

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The clean and controllable stone wool-based growing solutions of Grodan promote the production of high-quality vegetables and plants.

The use of stone wool substrate offers many advantages. Thanks to the controlled manufacturing process, this growth medium is of a consistently high quality. The sterile production under extreme temperature ensures that the product is clean and sterile. Its unique hydrophilic fibre also makes the cultivation on stone wool substrate very easy to control. The grower can administer the amount of water and nutrients the crops need in a very directed and controlled manner, to achieve optimal growing results. Waste becomes a thing of the past. Efficient use of water and nutrients keeps yield per square metre high, and energy consumption per unit of product low. Additionally, the product is lightweight, making it easy to use. And last but not least, stone wool can be easily re-used.

The production of greenhouse crops involves a number of cultural inputs. Among these, perhaps the most important is the type of growing medium used. Due to the relatively shallow depth and limited volume of a container, growing media must be amended to provide the appropriate physical and chemical properties necessary for plant growth.

Field soils are generally unsatisfactory for the production of plants in containers. This is primarily because soils do not provide the aeration, drainage and water holding capacity required. To improve this situation several "soilless" growing media have been developed.

Sunshine Gardens has a full compliment of Soiless grow mediums for every application. If you are thinking of soiless grow system ...think Sunshine Gardens!

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FIBRgro horticultural grade rock wool is made from nature’s own pure basalt rock. Basalt is formed by volcanic action-a natural process that separates out impurities. Other rock wool can be manufactured from industrial by-products, such as iron or copper slag, compromising consistency and purity.

FIBRgro is made in an ISO 9002 registered facility ensuring quality assurance and production control. Each product must pass a rigorous quality control screening test. This assures you of consistent performance from block to block, slab to slab, enabling the greatest control over quality and yield across the range and from crop to crop. FIBRgro horticultural grade rock wool is the best substrate choice. Rock wool gives the professional grower more control over plant performance than all other growing media.