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Controlling your enclosed garden's environment is critical to your plants success. High heat and humidity in hydroponic gardens can spell trouble for your plants. Indoor plants love good ventilation. If you have an outside air intake, it will reduce your need for Carbon Dioxide (CO2). CAP Controllers, Green Air, and iGS make excellent controllers for indoor gardens.

Sunshine Gardens provides a full range of environmental control systems including air conditioning, temperature and humidity control, CO2, Oder control and more. Come by and check out our huge inventory.


Sunshine Gardens carries a full range of premium environmental control fans for both commercial and residential applications. We have the physical size you need with the CFM horsepower you want. We carry all the major brands you expect such as MAX FAN, VORTEX, SUNCOURT, CAN FAN and more. Stop by and browse our selection.





Circulating the air allows plants fresh air needed for their roots to be healthy. Circulating the air also decreases the chance of micro climates (pockets of different temperatures throughout the growing area.)

A steady circulation of the air in the greenhouse or indoor grow environment helps to regulate the temperature and Sunshine Gardens has what you need. Whisper quiet, heavy duty and everything in between.



Sunshine Gardens has what you need when it comes to air filtration and oder control products and equipment. We hace various sizes of charcoal filter canisters, oder neutralizing agents, Ozone generators, oder socks as well as all the fittings, flanges, dampeners and ducting you need. Stop by and ask our staff about the right product for your application.






Sunshine Gardens has a full range of cooling / air conditioning options for any size application.Swamp Chillers, air conditioning systems, water chillers as well as premium brand controllers for "dialing in" your grow envirnoment.Come down and talk to us today and we will get you set up with the perfect system to ensure optimum temperature maintenance and control.


Before engaging in enrichment, the gardener must manage control all growth variables to truly take advantage of C02 enrichment. Getting above average yields by controlling lighting, watering, air temperature and humidity is all part of the equation in maximizing yield.

Sunshine Gardens has not only the RIGHT equipment for your application, our knowledgeable staff can provide insightful tips and recommendations to can help you get the most from C02 enrichment.



Sunshine Gardens carries a broad range of ducting flex hose, preformed ducting, flanges, dampeners, diverters... and everything in between.

When it comes to air systems we can set you up from A to Z.